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74 years young,,,,got interested in archery,,,, killed my first deer in 1983 with a Ben Pearson compound and a

Bear 2 blade broadhead,,,have had several bows since then but now shoot mainly traditional,,,trad folks are

great ,,,I buy carbon bare shafts and have fun fletching and personalizing them,,,also build my own knives from disgarded Old Hickery kitchen drawer type,,,,, like to make my own leather goods like holsters, sheaths, rifle straps,etc,,,love to shoot black powder rifles,,,Had 18 motorcycles but dont ride any more ( imagine that ) retired telephone man,,,,outside work climbing poles and repairing trouble issues for 37 years,,,, believe in JESUS,,and eternal life ,,,, vote Republican ,,,,,,served 4 years in USNavy ,,,,my only flaw is that I may talk TOO MUCH,,,if you know of anyone like me,,,point me in their direction,,,Im sure we will get along just fine,,,also I talk better than I SPELL. John Russey Hartselle, Alabama PS " I dont do Facebook "

John Russey
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